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Lusitano Breeding…A quest for the modern dressage horse

The growing popularity and respect for Lusitanos in the dressage arena invites breeders, buyers and sellers to acknowledge that some lines or combination of bloodlines are superior in the movement and trainability for dressage.

The four main breeding lineages recognized by the Lusitano Stud Book founded in Portugal in 1967 are:

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In the words of Bettina Drummond: a biographical journey through the world of classical riding…

“My first memory on a horse is at one and a half years old. I remember the musty smell of a wet pony, combined with the drip, drip off the Spanish moss and the feel of this enormous western saddle underneath me. I remember feeling like I was in a cradle.

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The Origins of Equestrian Warfare and of Its Influence on the Development of the Iberian Horse

It was during one of the many erudite and delightful exchanges that Dr. Gahwyler and I have shared this year, that the topic of the relevancy of past history cropped up. Does a text written on the proper method of training one’s chariot horse have any bearing on the modern day use of the aids?

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Quemacho HI Continues to Show the Beauty in Life Despite Cancer

Ingred Lin’s Lusitano stallion Quemacho HI helped his owner find pleasure in life during the years she battled cancer. And now, four year’s after Lin’s death, Quemacho is again showing the beauty in life with another partner who has experienced cancer.

Quemacho, along with Lin’s other Lusitano stallion, Queba, both now 18 and owned by Lin’s son Adam Pollak of White Fences Equestrian Center in Loxahatchee, Florda, have been under the care and training of rider Bettina Drummond for the past two years.