Reprinted from “Dressage Today”

Baucher… Still Controversial Today This passionate 19th-century riding master’s departure from venerable dressage methods led to praise and criticism that has been debated over the last 200 years. From Xenophon to the present, dressage masters have attempted to explain how to correctly ride and train the horse, creating a strong thread that links one generation […]

Reprinted from “The Horseman’s Yankee Pedlar”

Bettina Drummond — In a Classic Manner Bettina Drummond is a scholar of dressage training. Her trips to the local tack shop rarely entail the purchase of horse supplies, but more likely she buys the latest literature on dressage training techniques. Years of devouring other people’s philosophies and techniques, coupled with her own lifetime of […]

Reprinted from “Dressage and CT”

Was Oliveira a Baucherist? In 1978, or thereabout, Roger Louis Thomas, the then director of the French riding magazine L’information Hippique, asked me to write a bibliographic note on Reflexions sur l’Art Equestre (Reflections on the Equestrian Art), a book by Oliveira (his first book, if memory serves), which was being reprinted. Had it been […]

Reprinted from “Warmbloods Today”

Lusitano Breeding…A quest for the modern dressage horse The growing popularity and respect for Lusitanos in the dressage arena invites breeders, buyers and sellers to acknowledge that some lines or combination of bloodlines are superior in the movement and trainability for dressage. The four main breeding lineages recognized by the Lusitano Stud Book founded in […]

Reprinted from “Andalusian”

The Origins of Equestrian Warfare and of Its Influence on the Development of the Iberian Horse It was during one of the many erudite and delightful exchanges that Dr. Gahwyler and I have shared this year, that the topic of the relevancy of past history cropped up. Does a text written on the proper method […]