A Successful Outing for Oso and Islero

A big thank you to Kim Macey for taking all these great photos and for transporting Oso and Islero to Rivendell Dressage where Andrea Woodner kindly hosted us for a training outing. “It was Oso’s first outing and it was a success and Islero put out all he knew gently and powerfully. It was a tiring day but I was elated,” Bettina said.

Notes from Recent Visit to France’s Cadre Noir

Bettina traveled to France in late February, where she first worked with Bernard Sachsé in preparation for his participation in the upcoming April Interactive Arts Workshop hosted by the Association for the Promotion of the Art of Horsemanship in America. After tme spent with Bernard, Bettina visited at France’s Cadre Noir for friendly consultations. Below are notes from her trip:

Reprinted from “Andalusian”

The Origins of Equestrian Warfare and of Its Influence on the Development of the Iberian Horse

It was during one of the many erudite and delightful exchanges that Dr. Gahwyler and I have shared this year, that the topic of the relevancy of past history cropped up. Does a text written on the proper method of training one’s chariot horse have any bearing on the modern day use of the aids?

In Memoriam – Ilyad

It is with great sadness that Bettina Drummond announces the loss of her equine friend and teacher, her wonderful Lusitano stallion Ilyad, who was quietly put to rest on the morning of March 16, 2017 due to a severe case of colic.

“After my maître – Nuno Oliveira – died, Ilyad became my teacher of instant timing and feel and the perception of right balance. It was my privilege to be his partner for so many years,” Bettina said.