A Thank You to Just-E-Nuf Acres

Thank you to Just-E-Nuf Acres for being my winter season host. We have a long history of cooperation. Our first co-op stallion is Formoso JPF (Oso), bred for me by John and Sharon Campbell. Oso’s sire is Ingred Lin’s Quemacho. The dam is Bettina Drummond’s Love Menezes, which was bred by fellow Oliveira student Dany Lahaye out of her wonderful sire Duché. It was a rare treat for me to school such a good young stallion in the indoor ring, coached out thirty years ago with Maitre Oliveira. Under his watchful gaze, many ideas were formed at Just-E-Nuf acres and I was proud to train Oso this winter following the precepts Oliveira inculcated within me.