A Surprise Visit with Dominque Barbier

During a recent clinic trip to California, Bettina made a surprise visit to fellow Oliveira student Dominque Barbier: “I landed yesterday in Santa Rosa, California to visit with Mari Austad Bourque, the owner of the excellent horse Nabucco (bred by France’s Dany Lahaye and that I broke in years ago), this before my new clinic […]

Notes from Recent Visit to France’s Cadre Noir

Bettina traveled to France in late February, where she first worked with Bernard Sachsé in preparation for his participation in the upcoming April Interactive Arts Workshop hosted by the Association for the Promotion of the Art of Horsemanship in America. After tme spent with Bernard, Bettina visited at France’s Cadre Noir for friendly consultations. Below […]

A Student of Bettina’s Offers a Different Perspective on the Treatment of Lyme Disease and other Immune System Disorders

Living with chronic Lyme disease can be a challenge for both humans and horses, as both Bettina and her Quarter Horse stallion Vousy know. Once in the system, Lyme can easily reoccur resulting in a constant battle to keep the effects of the disease in check. Bettina’s student Christian Gundermann has just published an essay […]

Latest Book by Dominque Barbier is Another Good Winter Read

An enjoyable trip down memory lane was Dominique Barbier’s latest book, Riding with Oliveira: My Time with the Mestre – Forty Years Later, revisiting his couple of years spent in Avessada with the Maître , now as Mestre Nuno to his students in Portugal. It brought back the ambience of that amalgam of artist fervor and displayed and discussed technique , which made the time there […]

I Encourage All to Read This Book

It was my great pleasure to receive as a late Christmas gift the very book published by Xenophon of my fellow Oliveira student Miquel Abrantes known as Miguel Tavora to his Australian students (his publishing name is Major Miguel de Lancastre e Tavora). The book is Dressage Principles and Techniques: A blueprint for the serious […]

Reprinted from the Danbury “News-Times”

Equestrian Earns Distinction – Washington woman 2nd American to receive honorary title Washington — Bettina Drummond remembers watching renowned equestrian Nuno Oliveira on horseback, suspended in the air with the sunlight streaming on his face. “It was like seeing a great dancer,” said Drummond, 55, and a noted equestrian herself.  She now teaches others in […]