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Equestrian Earns Distinction – Washington woman 2nd American to receive honorary title Washington — Bettina Drummond remembers watching renowned equestrian Nuno Oliveira on horseback, suspended in the air with the sunlight streaming on his face. “It was like seeing a great dancer,” said Drummond, 55, and a noted equestrian herself.  She now teaches others in […]

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2012 Action Maverick Award Recipient — Bettina Drummond While much of the world seems in conflict over the question of whether dressage is art or sport, classical trainer and rider Bettina Drummond faces no such conflict. For her, riding has always been art. Any work of art, Drummond said, should not only move people, but […]

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Memories of Joao, My First Dressage Teacher By Bettina Drummond My earliest memory of Joao Oliveira was during a visit in 1970 to his father’s old school, Quinta do Chafariz. My mother, Phyllis Field, had cliniced with Oliveira, and she arranged for my sister, Fiona, and me to join her there during our spring break. […]

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Young Bettina Drummond is Passing On the Training Techniques of the Great Master — In the Style of Nuno There are three people in the world authorized by Nuno Oliveira to teach his techniques: there are two in Portugal, Oliveira’s son Juao, and Guilherme Borba. In America, there is Bettina Drummond, a slim 23-year-old who […]

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Bettina Drummond – Preserving a Classical Art As an adolescent, growing up on the backs of some of the most highly trained haute Ecole horses of Europe, Bettina Drummond had the unique and extraordinary experience of being exposed to the world-renowned classical dressage master Nuno Oliveira, perhaps the most revered classical horseman of our time. […]

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Baucher… Still Controversial Today This passionate 19th-century riding master’s departure from venerable dressage methods led to praise and criticism that has been debated over the last 200 years. From Xenophon to the present, dressage masters have attempted to explain how to correctly ride and train the horse, creating a strong thread that links one generation […]

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Bettina Drummond — In a Classic Manner Bettina Drummond is a scholar of dressage training. Her trips to the local tack shop rarely entail the purchase of horse supplies, but more likely she buys the latest literature on dressage training techniques. Years of devouring other people’s philosophies and techniques, coupled with her own lifetime of […]